The 16 inch F4 Telescope will be located within its own 16 inch F4 Run-off Roof Observatory adjacent to the Run-off Roof Observatory for the Wide Field Camera and the 20 inch Telescope and Observatory

The Primary was completed August 2011.

16 inch F4 Optics

16 inch F4 Tube assembly

16 inch F4 mount

16 inch F4 Instrumentation

Image below shows the Telescope near completion April 2012.



Image below is a first light stacked image of M1 using the 16 inch F4 Telescope which was near completion in November 2012.
Image was taken on the 21/11/2012 and is a 10 minute exposure using 20 second subs. No dark, bias of falts used. Not too bad considering.
There is some coma lower right due to primary missalignment.