Liverpool Astronomical Society Supernova Search (LASSS)

The primary task of the 20 inch Telescope and the Wide field camera are to undertake Supernova Observations.

This is done by taking images of groups of galaxies arranged by constellation. Groups can be chained together to undertake larger searches. Although this method is under significant change as of November 2010.

ACP plans are used to exectute the observing runs. Each plan will contain one or more groups of galaxies.

Each galaxy is then checked against a reference image to check for possible new Supernova. If there is a suspect then the Supernova confirmation procedure is followed to check that it is not a fake, an asteroid or already discovered. We are using Visual PinPoint To aid detection.

Some of our reference images can be found here:

A good article on Supernovae searching can be seen here:

We are fortunate that the Liverpool Telescope are willing to follow up observations of potential candidates we have observed. Either for confimation, or if the weather is bad in the UK. This is personaly great for me, as I have worked on the Liverpool Telescope on La Palma during my time at Telescope Technologies.

Observatory statistics

Some statistics of how many galaxies are imaged on nights that are clear (and the telescope is available) is below.
Note that the wide field camera is a 2 mega/pix camera and therfore image files are much larger than the 20 inch F4.

20 inch F4 statistics.xls
Note that there is a large gap between July 2009 and September 2009. This was due to a major observatory upgrade were the telescope was not on sky.
Total images for the 20 inch F4 since 6th December 2008 is 25825 (23.3 GB)

Wide Field Camera statistics.xls
Total images for the wide field camera since 1st October 2010 is 3330 (18.6 GB)

Discovery images

The links below route to either possible new Supernova images that need to be, or have been submitted to the CBAT. Or Images of Supernova taken by us that have been confirmed.

Possible new Supernova

Confirmed Supernovae discoveries

Supernova confirmation procedure

Supernova links

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Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT)

Supernova links
International Virtual Observatory Alliance
Autosuperfind (Project by Martin to automate the detection of Supernova in FITS images)
Automating the process of finding Supernovae using software:


Excellent site for minor planets etc. Can change the date and time of the data you require.